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Rent Increase Rate for January

Home or business owners increase in rents according to certain rules and yapabilmektedirler.söz this increase, within certain limitations, Turkstat (Turkey Statistical Institute), producer price index noted (PPI) to exceed the rate of increase belirleniyor.kir hike described maximum monthly PPI According to the 12-month average, the 12-month CPI average announced by TÜİK was calculated as 12.28% in January 2021. Housing sales increased by 21.5% in the period January 2020.

Turkey is home sales in general declined by 18.7% compared to the same month of the previous 2020 January November period, 112 thousand 483 oldu.konut sales, Istanbul 21 thousand 158 housing sales and according to the number oldu.satış has the highest share with 18.8% Istanbul Ankara, with 10 thousand 710 house sales and 9.5% share, followed by İzmir with 6 thousand 574 house sales and 5.8% share.

The number of housing for the first time in Turkey in 2020 in November, a decrease of 25.0% compared to the same month of the previous year, 36 thousand 658 oldu.topla my share of the first sales of home sales 32.6% oldu.kas I bear on the Iraqi citizens bought from Turkey 876 housing. Iraq was followed by Iran with 860 houses, the Russian Federation with 434, Afghanistan with 203 and Kuwait with 202 houses.

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